Judy Pittman Art


Paint_Hand Judy has a special talent in capturing the true spirit of the animals she paints. She painted my dog STOAN from a photograph, and the results are so realistic that it is hard to distinguish the painting from the photo. I have 2 artist friends which have seen the painting she did of Stoan and they complimented it highly! I am very pleased, and encourage anyone considering having Judy paint their pet to do so!
Yvette Fehn


Paint_Hand Judy you have absolutely captured our beloved Kenai in every detail and spirit! It's remarkable how you are able to depict his very essence and personality! The expression in his eyes, the body language, it's amazing! We will always treasure the portrait you've painted and highly recommend others to commission your work!
Scott and Jeannie Logan

Paint_Hand I am an avid art collector and the proud owner of one of Ms. Pitman's wonderful paintings. From the moment I first saw "Portrait of a Cow", I was immediately captivated by his wonderful winsome expression. He is a happy addition to our home.
Catherine Harrison

Paint_Hand Oh my gosh, Judy, this is such a treasure! It's so beautiful & I will cherish it always. I can't wait to frame it with his competition ribbons from that day. Thank you a million!
Michelle Doram